Raza Ul Mustafa, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow, American University Washington DC, USA
I am currently employed as a Research Scholar at American University in Washington, DC, United States. In this role, my primary focus is on developing an intelligent system capable of detecting coded Antisemitism language from social media platforms, i.e., Globalist. To achieve this goal, we are utilizing a combination of machine learning and deep learning techniques within the field of NLP. Our aim is to build a robust system that can effectively identify and combat instances of Antisemitism online. 
During my Ph.D. I investigated DASH video Quality of Experience (QoE) from Quality of Service (QoS) features, where I used various Machine Learning techniques to predict end-user video objective QoE from Quality of Service QoS. I worked on two funded projects by Ericsson. I showed dedication and outstanding research results and intelligent systems to Ericsson. I have gained extensive experience working with a diverse range of programming languages, including Python, with a particular emphasis on PyTorch and Scikit-learn. In addition to these languages, I am proficient in several essential libraries, including Numpy, Matplotlib, SNS, and Scapy. These tools have proven to be invaluable in my work, enabling me to effectively analyze data, implement machine learning algorithms, and visualize results. I am also proficient in Tableau, a powerful data visualization tool. This proficiency allows me to create compelling and interactive visualizations, dashboards, and reports, effectively presenting complex data in a clear and intuitive manner.